Hannah b. Donovan

I am a freelance makeup artist based in Pittsburgh, PA, experienced in bridal, headshot, film, corporate, commercial, and fashion photography.  

I look at the big picture to create looks with an attention to detail, factoring in the story, the setting, and of course the face within the time limit of the set or event.

My love for my job centers around turning the individual into their best self, highlighting their unique characteristics and building a look that shows them how beautiful they are, not just how beautiful the makeup is. People of all ages, all skin tones, and all genders deserve to be celebrated for who they are, and I'm thankful to be able to be a part of that as a makeup artist. 

I come into each project with passion for my job, whether it's creating a look that's romantic but personal for a wedding, powdering a nose so it doesn't distract from the message of the speaker, or helping to bring a photographer's vision to life.

I'm ready, and excited, to work with you.